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    The President's Award for Global Learning (PAGL)

    Latin America Region Award: A Health Needs Assessment in Rural Puebla, Mexico, 2019

    The 2018-19 President’s Award for Global Learning was the inaugural program of the International Board of Advisors at the University of Texas at Austin. Through the President’s Office, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and Texas Global, the program was created to educate global leaders and participate in a cross- cultural experience to increase the global engagement of UT Austin (https://presidentsglobalaward.utexas.edu/).

    For this, a highly interdisciplinary team composed of three faculty members, four undergraduates, and two graduate assistants spanning nine colleges created a comprehensive needs assessment of low-income communities in Puebla, Mexico.

    The Selection of Puebla, Mexico

    Puebla is the fourth poorest state in Mexico, has the 6th highest infant mortality rate, and is ranked 27 out of 32 in access to healthcare. Furthermore, it was recently impacted by an earthquake in Fall 2017 and communities, especially those that are low-income, are still experiencing the psychological, social, and economic impact of that earthquake. The communities are also extremely close to an active volcano, Mount Popocatépetl, which regularly erupts volcanic ash, greatly impacting air quality and health. Also, Puebla has a large number of migrants to the United States, making it an important area to understand both for their community and similar communities in Texas.

    For a short overview of the Puebla project, see this video

    The full report can be found here