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Austin Meeting 2009

Low Income Housing and Urban Renovation in the First Suburbs: Latin America and the USA Compared. 




The powerpoints have been converted to PDFs and are in this Minutes and Circulated Papers Folder.  Please use the program to identify the PDFs that you wish to open and consult.

There are no MINUTES as such.

Day 1:  Thinking about Innerburbs in the Americas: Their Definition, Dynamics, and Land Use Challenges.   (In English)

Session 1.

8:30-9:45.  Thompson Center 2.120
a) Keynote1: “Thinking about America’s First Suburbs”  -- Robert Lang,(Director, Metropolitan Policy Program, Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
b) “Thinking about Latin America’s First Suburbs” – Peter Ward, UT-Austin.

Session 2:

10:00-12:00. Defining and Depicting the Innerburbs.

  • PRP student presentations: Defining the “Donut”: Texas and Monterrey Compared.  (40 mins including 10 for discussion)
  • PRP student presentations: Austin and Monterrey – The nature of the innerburbs in comparative perspective: (planning and land uses; social and community development; transportation; housing characteristics)

Austin & survey settlement(s). (30 minutes max)
Monterrey & survey settlements (30 minutes max)
Dr Lang will also be offering a lunchtime talk “The New Metropolitics” in the Student Lounge of the LBJ School for those who wish to attend.


  • Latin American Innerburbs in Comparative Perspective – various mini presentations & reports on regional constructions of the innerburbs: (5 mins –max 3 slides each) by project personnel (Bogotá; Buenos Aires; Lima; Guatemala; Guadalajara; Mexico City; Monterrey; Recife, Santiago)


Session 3:

2:15 ­– 3:45. Migration Patterns: Immigration and Mobility in the Innerburbs.

Session 4:

4:00 – 5:15. Social Problems of the Innerburbs


Days 2 & 3.  Regional Participants and PRP Students

Tuesday 21st April.  Room 2.110 (different from Day 1)

Session 5:

8:45-12:35.  Presentations from Latin America: First Cut Findings from our Surveys:

8:45-9:45.Phase 1 surveys. Restudy Findings (Brief Review of Bogotá; Mexico City and Guatemala) including brief review of “Inheritance scenarios in Mexico’s Consolidated Settlements” (Erika Grajeda & Peter Ward which will be circulated in advance).

10:00-11:30 Phase 2. Surveys: Progress Reports and Early Findings from Settlement Surveys
              Buenos Aires

11:35-12:35: Updates/Progress reports (10 minutes each):


Session 6.

1:30-2:45.  Policy Making Imperatives for the Innerburbs: Brainstorming of Policy Initiatives (from Day 1). 

Policy Arenas for Equitable Development and Redevelopment of the Innerburbs. Brief lead presentations from PRP graduate students:
       Planning and Land Use Policies
       Community Development and Social Policy
       Transportation Policies


Session 7

3:00-5:30. Housing Policy Issues and Imperatives for the Innerburbs:
Initial policy approaches across the following areas:

  • Accessing housing equity & market performance
  • In situ lot organization and physical rehab
  • Densification and De-densification
  • Dealing with Inheritance and Sucesión
  • Renting and Sharing
  • Appropriate codes and norms
  • Financing Policies for rehab.


Wednesday 22nd. a.m.   Room 3.122.
Regional Participants (primarily).
Next Steps; Phase III & Regional Network Logistics.

Session 8.

8:45 – 10:15.  “Interesting Case Studies: Methodology” 

    • Report on First Applications (Guadalajara)
    • Plans for Monterrey and Buenos Aires

Session 9.

10:30 -12:30.  Data storage and uploads – report and proposals
              Viewing the Website (in construction – Wenjie Zhang)

Wrap-up (over lunch through 2:30pm [latest]).
Next steps
Arrangements for LASA meeting (Rio in June)
Buenos Aires Regional Meeting (October: goals and commitments)